Best Poems for Mother

Best Poems for Mother

Best Poems for Mother - Hello good poeple, Welcome to my blog this time I will share a few verses of Poetry for Mother. Oh yes by the way I am from Indonesia ... There is a song from the country of Indonesia with a sound like this
Mother's love for me is infinite all the time, Just giving no hope back as the sun shines on the world.
That's the lyrics of the song Kasih Ibu (mother's love) this song from Indonesia but with Indonesian as well. A Mother so much sacrifices to her children that we can't possibly repay her with anything.

Therefore you have to appreciate your mother's affection all, One way is passing Poem for Mother, Expressing affection to mother not only on Mother's Day whenever you can read poetry verse to your mother. May you be a dutiful child to the parents because heaven is under the feet of the mother of the guys.

Immediately I will share Poems for Mother may be very touching and moving even this poem can make you cry if you understand the contents of the poetry mother below.

A Poem For You Mom

The chiming of breath burst day until dusk
No tire scratches on your face
There is no regret when all you have to go through
The move continues for us
Your two little angels ...

Whether your dream runs
chasing stars
Wish we become your best pearl
In all the roles you play on earth
This is your best role

In the tired you compose a word of wisdom for us
Unravels a smile on every trip
Whack a prayer in every second of our breath
Mother ... you're a diamond of our hearts

The heart of your heart is so beautiful
Until we can not reach it
The tears of your tears dangle a hope
In every evening prayer

We just want to be a dream for you
Carry all your dreams in our shoulders

Do not hate us
if we make you cry.


Thank you mom

MOM ... hair now graying
Your skin is no longer tight
Eyesight was no longer bright
Your path is now rocking

But .. what's seen
All that you have never felt
All that you never care about
I see it all for the sake of your son

Along the way you earn a fortune
All the time you count
How much profit you can today
Tuk pay all your weary

You can no longer tell the difference
Where is day, where is night
The spirit beat your trembling legs
And all your tiredness

It's all ... for whom?
Just for your son
The child you dreamed of becoming a great person
Reached a stack

MOM ... until whenever,
Your son will never forget
For all services, prayers and suffering
The sweat you shed

MOM ... you're too big, sacrificed
Only heaven deserves your sincere pay
Only God is worthy of looking after you
The world and the akherat ...

Your son always misses you
Prayer in every breath of this breath
Thank you ... MOM, for all your sincerity


Your prayer Mother

I know...
All your fatigue is sincere
And ... I know
Not what you want
You never want anything

You used to say
Hurry up my son!
Be you great man
Which encourages Mother

Everything is great
Never exist
Without your sincere sacrifice

Your Sabbath is a prayer
Loud prayer is heard
And definitely ... heard!

Not a triumph of treasure to retaliate
Nor, throne and crown
Prostration and filial piety
The real treasure!



I do not know what to do without her
He's the one who understands me
He who never tired of advising me
He's the one who accompanies you

She's Mother
The one who always looks after me
Without him I feel empty living in this world
Without it I'm nothing

I'm just a Weak man
Who needs strength
The power of love from mother
More Power than anything else

You are precious to me
WaLaupun you scold me
I know
That's your attention
That signifies you in love with me

Dear Allah,,
Give my mother health
Extend the age
I want to make her happy
Before me or she is gone

Thank you mom
For what you gave me
I will sing you



In your smile you hide your fatigue
Day and night afflictions hit you
not for a second stop your step
To be able to give me new hope

A piece of Cacian always comes up to you
as humble as madness does not matter to you
always move on for my future
looking for new hope again for your child

Not a bunch of Gold you expect in my success
not the roll of money you asked for in my success
not even a bronze in my victory
but your heart desires to make me happy

And always you say to me
I love you now and when I'm no longer with you
I love your child with my sincerity



I was born without anything,
You taught me everything,
Raising me with every effort,
Hope I'll be a useful person ..

When I cried in fear,
You calm me ..
And when I got sick,
You are always beside me ..

You admonished me when I was wrong,
You remind me when I forget,
You comfort me when I am sad,
You are the one who healed me when I was injured ..

Now I have grown up,
Trying to pursue and achieve goals,
Hope it be a useful person,
For the sake of realizing the hopes and dreams of the family ..

Thank you mom,
You are everything to me,
Without you now I'm nothing,
Your love for me will not be avenged all the time ...


Adolf Hitler's Poem for Her Mother


Wenn deine Mutter älter geworden,
Wenn ihr lieber, treuen Augen
Nicht mehr das Leben als sie es einst taten,
Als ihre Füße, müde geworden,
Nicht mehr will sie tragen, wie sie geht,
Dann verleihen ihr den Arm zur Unterstützung, begleiten sie mit glücklichen Vergnügen-
die Stunde wird kommen, wenn weinend, müssen Sie sie auf ihrem letzten Gang begleiten.

Und wenn sie dich fragt etwas, dann gib ihr eine Antwort.
Und wenn sie wieder fragt, dann sprechen!
Und wenn sie noch fragt wieder, um sie zu reagieren, nicht ungeduldig, aber mit sanfter Ruhe.

Und wenn sie nicht verstehen können Sie richtig, alles erklären zu ihr glücklich.
Die Stunde wird kommen, die bittere Stunde, wenn ihr Mund bittet um nichts mehr.


When your mother has grown older,
When her dear, faithful eyes
No longer see life as they once did,
When her feet, grown tired,
No longer want to carry her as she walks,
Then lend her your arm in support, escort her with happy pleasure—
the hour will come when, weeping, you must accompany her on her final walk.

And if she asks you something, then give her an answer.
And if she asks again, then speak!
And if she asks yet again, respond to her, not impatiently, but with gentle calm.

And if she cannot understand you properly, explain all to her happily.
The hour will come, the bitter hour, when her mouth asks for nothing more.


During the life of Little Hitler he always noticed his father likes to disfigure his mother. until then the hatred of his father was great. He even intended to kill a father. Adolf Hitler is really affectionate to his Mother and he even considers a man like his father was more worth dying than on his mother. until at the end of his life Hitler also has his Mother's Photo in the front pocket of Adolf Hitler's jacket, So for all of you who still have you please give your time just a little for them. Because you do not know when they arrive. love mother "all of you.

Okay, that's my article about "Best Poems for Mother" hopefully can be useful for all of you if there will be update again I will update anyway, if there is a mistake please forgive or you can fix by way of comments about this article error . If this article is useful you can share it to social media or to WA Group your family haha, Thank you for visiting.
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